Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Writing through bereavement

I haven't blogged for a good few months but today I went to a creative workshop and was encouraged by former Derbyshire poet laureate River Wolton to write a poem about MND.

The process of writing it has really helped me take what you might call a sideways look at my bereavement.

Norfolk Sky

Dusk. The sun descends on the horizon.

Loud male voices disturb the peace from afar. A small white fishing boat has entered the bay.
The men are returning home for the day.

They move close enough to the harbour that she can see their yellow life jackets.

They're anchored. Moored.

Stepping off the boat he sees in her face there is something wrong. He holds her as she weeps into his chest.

It's not going to be ok.

Dusk. The sun descends on the horizon.

Fran Hall

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